Learn how to translate our UpsellWP plugin's strings


This powerful addon enables seamless translation of UpsellWP plugin strings, making it accessible to customers in multiple languages.

Let's get started

Note: Ensure your UpsellWP PRO plugin is version 2.1.0 to access this feature in the plugin Dashboard.

Here are the steps to download and activate the Translation Add-On.

Step 1: Download the Translation Addon in the UpsellWP Add-ons sections.

Step 2: Upload the Translation Add-On in the WooCommerce Plugin section.

Step 3: Activate the Translation Add-On.

Now you can able to see the Translation addon is successfully activated on the UpsellWP Dashboard.

Now you can able to translate every string in the UpsellWP plugin. To do that we recommend using the Loco Translate plugin to translate simple strings and even dynamic strings.

Here is the link to the plugin:

After installing the Loco translate you can able to sync the UpsellWP strings.

Here is the screenshot explaining how to sync the ".pot" file of our plugin's simple and dynamic strings with the help of the Loco Translate plugin:

You have successfully synced the .pot files in the Loco Translate. Now let's see how to translate some sting in the UpsellWP.

Let's say, for example, your site is in French and you're wondering how to translate the "Frequently Bought Together" title using the Translation Addon.

You can follow the below steps:

Here is the screenshot of the configuration in Loco Translate:

After translating the strings don't forget to save the changes. Now let's see the translated string in the front end.

Here is the screenshot for your reference:

Now you can see that the Frequently Bought Together text is translated successfully

Some of the above discussed scenarios require PRO

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