How to show Discount coupon for next order purchasable items (Next Order Coupon campaign)

Learn how to display Next Order Coupons with the help of UpsellWP plugin..


A "Next Order Coupon Upsell" is a strategy facilitated by the UpsellWP plugin that provides customers with a coupon discount for their next purchase immediately after they place an order.

For instance, when you place an order, you'll receive a 10% coupon code for your next purchase.

A "Next Order Coupon Upsell" aims to boost customer loyalty and increase sales by offering discounts on future purchases immediately after a customer buys a product.

This user guide explains how to create a Next Order Coupon Campaign using UpsellWP

Note: To use some of the features shown in the examples, you must have the PRO version of the UpsellWP plugin installed and activated.

Please upgrade to the PRO version by purchasing it here.

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Now, let's take a closer look at the scenarios in detail.

Example: Enjoy 10% off your next purchase!

In this scenario, when customers make a purchase, they'll receive a 10% coupon for their next order. They can use this discount on their future purchases. This kind of offer motivates customers to make more orders, which can boost overall revenue.

To create this campaign, follow these steps

Creating a Campaign:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> UpsellWP -> click on the button "Create New Campaign"

  • Choose "Next Order Coupons"

Here is the screenshot of the Campaign that follows,

Details of configurations are:

Step 1: Give a title for the campaign. For example: Get a 10% coupon while placing an order

Step 2: Choose the “Discount Type” as Percentage discount and set the value as 10. You also have the option to choose other discount types as Fixed cart discounts.

Step 3: You can optionally modify the coupon prefix if you prefer, and you also have the flexibility to adjust the length of automatically generated coupons. In this case, it's important to ensure that the minimum length of the coupons is set to at least 6 characters.

Step 4: Choose the specific order status for which you want coupons to be generated. This is done under the option "When to generate the coupon?" For instance, if you select both "Processing" and "Completed" as order statuses, then once an order reaches either of these statuses, the next order will automatically generate coupons for the customers.

Step 5: You can choose the display of “Next Order Coupon Upsell” in the Emails, Thank you page, and My Account page -> Orders section.

Step 6: You can also add Additional Conditions for the Campaign (if required).

Step 7: Click on “SAVE” once we have successfully created the Campaign.

Upon placing an order, customers will receive a 10% discount coupon for their next upsell order, available for use in subsequent purchases.

A screenshot displaying a 10% coupon on the Thank You page immediately after placing an order:

Some of the above discussed scenarios require PRO

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If you need any assistance, please create a support request in our ticket system. We are always happy to assist you :)

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