How to show the related Upsell products on the Thank you page with some discounts

Learn how to offer related products on the Thank You page with discount using UpsellWP plugin.


A "Thank you Page Upsell" refers to a marketing strategy where a business offers additional products to a customer immediately after they've made a purchase.

This approach leverages the positive sentiment of a "thank you" moment to entice the customer to consider enhancing their original purchase or exploring related offerings. It aims to increase the average order value and customer satisfaction by presenting relevant product options.

This user guide explains how to create a Thank you Page Upsell Campaign using UpsellWP.

Please note that before proceeding, you must have installed and activated the Checkout Upsell. It is important to note that this feature requires the PRO version.

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Now, let's take a closer look at the scenarios in detail.

Example: Show related products on the thank you page with 10% off

In this scenario, when a customer places an order, products related to that order will be shown in the "You may also like" section of the Thank You Page immediately after the order is placed by customers with 10% off. This encourages customers to shop more and increases the chance of additional purchases.

To create this campaign, follow these steps

Creating a Campaign

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> UpsellWP -> click on the button "Create New Campaign"

  • Choose "Thank you Page Upsells"

Here is the screenshot of the Campaign that follows,

Details of configurations are:

Step 1: Give a title for the campaign. For example: The thank you page upselling

Step 2: Then choose the product suggestion method as "Use Related Products" since we are displaying related products based on the order placed on the thank you page.

Options available in product suggestion methods are:

  • Use Related Products: With this option, we make use of WooCommerce's Related Products feature. It figures out which products are related to the one you just bought by looking at things like the same tags or categories. So, for example, if you buy a bag, after you finish your order, you'll see other bag-related products on the Thank You Page.

  • Use Cross-Sell Products: When you choose this option, we'll show you products that are set as "Cross-Sell" in the "Linked Products" section on the product creation page.

  • Use Upsell Products: When you choose this option, we'll show you products that are set as "Upsell" in the "Linked Products" section on the product creation page.

  • Specific Products: With this option, we can display specific products chosen here.

  • Use Recommendation Engine: (Doc link)

Step 3: Choose the “Discount Type” as Percentage discount and set the value as 10. You also have the option to choose other discount types as Fixed cart discounts.

Step 4: You can also add Additional Conditions for the Campaign (if required).

Step 5: Click on “SAVE” once we have successfully created the Campaign.

Now, as soon as customers place their order, they'll see Related Products displayed on the Thank You Page.

Screenshot of Thank you Page showing the Thank you Page Upsell:

Some of the above discussed scenarios require PRO

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If you need any assistance, please create a support request in our ticket system. We are always happy to assist you :)

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