How to provide a discount on the Cart through the Cart Add-on campaign

Learn how to create a Cart Add-On campaign and offer 10% discount on cap when customer purchase T-shirts.


In this scenario, when the customer adds a T-shirt to the cart they have a discount on the Cap (Cart Add-on upsell offer product ) of 10% on the cart page before proceeding to checkout.

Creating an offer:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> UpsellWP -> Create New Campaign -> choose “Cart Add-ons”

Here is the screenshot of the offer configuration that follows,

The details of the configurations are:

Step 1: Choose the Specific Product "T-shirt" in the filter section you want to display on the cart page by typing a few characters of the product name.

Step 2: Choose the Product suggestion method as "Specific Product" and choose "Cap" by typing a few characters of the product name.

Step 3: Choose the Cart item quantity field as "Allow customer to change quantity" This allows the customer to choose the Cart Add-on product quantity manually.

Step 4: Finally, set the discount type as Percentage Discount and set the value as 10%

Now, we have successfully created a Cart Add-on campaign, Let's see how it works on the cart page.

Now the offered Cart Add-on product has been successfully displayed on the cart page. Please ensure to select the checkbox to avail of the offered Cart Add-on product in the cart.

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